A Majestic Home for Cold-Weather Gear

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Whoo. It’s beautiful out there.

Soak it up.

Because sometime soon, you’ll suffer your yearly case of the “f**k this weather”s.

But this place... it’ll help.

It’s Aether, a place for all the things you need to wear when you’re outside, now open in SoHo.

In case you’re unfamiliar: skiing, boarding, motorcycling, high-risk mountaintop art theft, walking around on chilly days. These are things that’ll be a lot better once you grab a jacket or high-tech polo here. A place where microfibers and science make you warm and handsome.

There’s a snowmobile when you walk in. Cool. There’s also a motorcycle in an LED-lit shipping crate. In fact, lots of things are in those. Like the Highline—a quilted jacket that’s thin but incredibly warm, which is sort of these guys’ MO. Also: axes from the Swedish blade gods of Gransfors Bruks and some handsome canvas-and-leather duffels to tote them in.

But back to the wearable stuff. Ski-and-board season’s coming. You’ll need pants. Tri-layered ones that are snow-impervious and have a built-in reflector system that bounces signals to rescue teams if there’s an avalanche.

You’ve really got to stop skiing into the avalanches.


13 Crosby St
(between Howard and Grand)
New York, NY, 10013


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