A Majestic Home for Cold-Weather Gear

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Whoo. It’s beautiful out there.

Soak it up.

Because sometime soon, you’ll suffer your yearly case of the “f**k this weather”s.

But this place... it’ll help.

It’s Aether, a place for all the things you need to wear when you’re outside, now open in SoHo.

In case you’re unfamiliar: skiing, boarding, motorcycling, high-risk mountaintop art theft, walking around on chilly days. These are things that’ll be a lot better once you grab a jacket or high-tech polo here. A place where microfibers and science make you warm and handsome.

There’s a snowmobile when you walk in. Cool. There’s also a motorcycle in an LED-lit shipping crate. In fact, lots of things are in those. Like the Highline—a quilted jacket that’s thin but incredibly warm, which is sort of these guys’ MO. Also: axes from the Swedish blade gods of Gransfors Bruks and some handsome canvas-and-leather duffels to tote them in.

But back to the wearable stuff. Ski-and-board season’s coming. You’ll need pants. Tri-layered ones that are snow-impervious and have a built-in reflector system that bounces signals to rescue teams if there’s an avalanche.

You’ve really got to stop skiing into the avalanches.

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