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Parachutes That Are Bags, Not Parachutes

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”

Frank Zappa said that.

And Frank Zappa was mostly right.

It’s just... we’re pretty sure he meant to say “bag” instead of “mind.”

Jump around for Drifter, a former parachute-making outfit that realized while skydiving is nice, so is carrying your things around in backpacks made from old parachutes (and wool and canvas, but mostly parachutes), online now.

In 1977, a parachute-rigging operation was born. Fast-forward a few decades. Now that same operation makes the sort of bags that Felix Baumgartner would have if he needed something handsome and ironic to carry his sandwiches in.

You’ll want one of the nylon backpacks or waxed-cotton messengers on hand the next time you go camping. Or the plaid wool tote the next time you go smoking elaborate pipes next to bonfires.

Or... well, one of the things that look like fanny packs. Only they’re called field packs. They’ve got wool ones. Bright-blue ones. Deep-zipper-compartment ones. What we’re trying to say is: they’re actually a little bit handsome.

Ring the fanny-packs-are-almost-okay-again alarm.

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