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A Nine-Day Nature Bender in Colorado

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You’re not supposed to be here.

Not today. Not now.

Not when there’s 104,094 square miles of Rocky Mountains, hot springs and aesthetically flawless strolling territory just sitting there, waiting.

For you to stroll on.

Pack the good boots for Wild Colorado, a nine-day outdoor bender where you’ll adventure your way through our 38th state, taking reservations now.

You’re familiar with Colorado. It’s that place with all the river valleys and soaring mountains and breathtaking views. Well, we found some guys who’d like you to experience that wilderness in the most appropriate way possible.

So give them a call. They’ll meet you in Boulder. You’ll start with some light canyon climbing, then proceed to some moderate vista gazing before hopping on your 1,000-foot-high zipline tour of the gorges below. Then maybe stop at Mesa Verde for a little archaeologizing (real word).

And when you’re not busy hiking or appreciating nature’s many shades of burnt sienna, you’ll stay in a mix of lavishly appointed tents, five-star resorts and 19th-century ghost towns that have been transformed into five-star resorts. The last of which happens to have a bunch of hot springs.

And bears, but just ignore them.

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