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Burgers, Noodles and Toast in WeHo

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It’s morning. Your eyes are 37% open.

You get coffee. You get toast.

Only this time, the coffee’s Intelligentsia and the toast is covered in cheese and chocolate sprinkles.

You either woke up in the best morning-after apartment ever or you’re at The Bossy Wife & Co.—it’s a bright Aussie-owned diner with some weirdly intriguing morning food happening, and it’s opening late next week in WeHo.

First, that name: ha. Moving on: you’ll find a cheery, generously bewindowed little room here, filled with mason jar lanterns. It’s great atmosphere while you order at the counter... then head out to your topiary-guarded sidewalk table looking over at the Pacific Design Center.

Then comes the sunlit food that’ll right last night’s wrongs: Indonesian instant noodles topped with corned beef and egg. That cheese-and-chocolate toast. Or a bagel with corned beef and cheddar.

Technically, they’re open through lunch and dinner for oxtail soup and quinoa burgers. Great. Quinoa burgers. And there’s wi-fi if you need to get some work done. Just know that this Wife is into juicing—not martini-ing.

In any difficult relationship, honesty is best.


The Bossy Wife & Co.
8719 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90069


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