Things to do for September 27, 2013

The Weekender

Gelato, Trivia and So Very Much Beer

Anfangen ist leicht, beharren eine weekend.

The Official Gelato of Oktoberfest

The Official Gelato of Oktoberfest

You’ll receive many Oktoberfest invitations this weekend. The most important one: from a Brazilian gelato master named Antonio. No, really—he wants you to try his new gelato that’s comprised of 33% beer ale and topped with pretzels. It tastes like Oktoberfest. Which, if you haven’t heard, tastes like beer and pretzels.

Available now at A.B. Biagi, 235 Elizabeth St (at Houston), 212-219-8094

Patrik Ervell Doesn’t Want Your Money

Patrik Ervell Doesn’t Want Your Money

That’s what we assume, anyway, because he’s giving you 60% to 90% off on blazers, field coats, bomber jackets and other perfect pieces of autumnal finery. And you could always use more finery.

Sep 27-29, noon-6pm, Patrik Ervell, 35 Howard St (at Crosby), 4th Fl, Buzzer 6

A Giant Oysters-and-Beer Party

A Giant Oysters-and-Beer Party

If this weekend you find yourself in Long Island City surrounded by bivalves and empty beer mugs, stay calm. You’re probably just at Alewife, where they’re providing unlimited quantities of oysters and good beer to all who make the trip across the river. And then pay them for the beer and oysters.

Sep 27, 7-10pm; Sep 28, noon-3pm and 5-8pm; $65, Alewife, 5-14 51st Ave (at 5th), Long Island City, 718-937-7494, tickets here

The Leadbelly’s Doing Trivia Now

The Leadbelly’s Doing Trivia Now

Fact: Walt Disney’s middle name was Elias. Sure, that might be useless information now. But it might be important when you bring a brain trust of friends to the Leadbelly, as they’re now doing Tuesday trivia with prizes for first to third place. Odds are it’s pretty useless, though.

Tuesdays, 8:30pm, The Leadbelly, 14 Orchard St (at Hester), reserve at 646-596-9142 or here

What Else Is New
New Restaurants. Right Here.

New Restaurants. Right Here.

If you like Italian: Know that the Franny’s crew just opened a trattoria in their old Prospect Heights spot called Marco’s. (Also, know a date who likes tagliatelle.)
If you like geography: You’ll like 1200 Miles in Flatiron, where the menu’s based on a road trip from Paris to Algiers. Which means tagines and steak frites. Not 30 hours of sitting.

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