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If Indiana Jones Went to Myanmar...

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Not to get all spiritual on you, but... we’re about to get all spiritual on you.

Well, sort of. It’s the kind of spiritual that requires hot-air balloons, massages and gin.

Like what you’ll find at Bagan Lodge, an 82-room paean to adventure and extreme pampering in the most temple-filled area of Myanmar, taking reservations now.

In terms of places to find awe-inspiring thousand-year-old pagodas, Myanmar’s pretty high on the list. There’re over 2,200 in this tiny town alone, actually. And in terms of nearby places from which to conduct your spiritual awakening/Indiana Jones–ing escapades, there’s... this place.

It’s the kind of porch-laden, rattan-everything colonial clubhouse where you’d expect to find a troupe of British imperialists sipping gin back in 1924. Except this is 2013, so expect more swimming pools, jacuzzi tubs and wi-fi. Also: less actual imperialism.

Your itinerary will proceed as follows: wake up. Eat a muffin. Claim a pool chair. Find the lobby’s travel desk. Inquire about hot-air-balloon voyages over temple fields. Book voyage. Return to pool chair. Sip gin. Embark on hot-air-balloon voyage. Gaze wistfully upon ancient things. Become enlightened.

Gin has that effect on you.

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