Better Call Salumeria

Pastries and Meats at the New Salumeria

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Flour + Water. Central Kitchen. Salumeria. Trick Dog.

And now, finally, a new place in this empire that’s... more than 50 steps from Flour + Water.

And it’s another Salumeria. (Let’s not get too crazy now.) This one’s got sticky buns and grain porridge and other breakfast gloriousness, and it’s now open.

This time, they’re not wasting any daylight making you want to go to this place. You wake up. You bring a couple cups of coffee to bed. You both realize it is basically sacrilegious to be drinking coffee without sour-cream coffee cake, or granola, or some housemade “pop-tarts” by Black Jet Baking Co. And so now, suddenly, going to Salumeria for a before-work/morning-after date is a thing.

It’s in the Hamm’s Building, which used to be a legit brewery, but these days it’s just brewing office space—so if you’re working in the area or just tend to get hungry for roast beef on pretzel bread around lunchtime, don’t worry. They’re still doing that here, too. Classic Salumeria.

And they won’t leave you hanging after work, either, as soon as the liquor license comes through. That’ll bring local brews, Californian and Italian wines, and further opportunities to get acquainted with salumi.

Reacquainted. You’ve met before.

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