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A Case for Mixing 3D with Glasses

None It’s been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Only that’s weird, because eyes don’t look anything like windows.

3D-printed glasses kind of do, though.

So maybe it should be “3D-printed glasses are the windows to the soul.”

Either way, here’s some Protos Eyewear, a new spectacle company that’s using 3D-printing technology to custom-fit you with a new pair of prescription sunglasses or prescription glasses glasses, taking preorders now.

So, 3D printing. It’s that thing when a digital file is broken up into thin layers and then converted to a solid material. And in this case, that digital file was designed by someone who works with your specific facial dimensions and metrics.

Translation: you’ll definitely be the only person on the block wearing these.

Preorder a pair now. Start thinking about how your face could really benefit from... this. Then look out for an email requesting things like a pic of you and your frame selection (aviator, classic, Lego-inspired). Soon enough, they’ll be printed and sent to your door.

We kind of blew over that Lego-inspired part, but yeah... Lego-glasses.

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