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Sliders and Massive Shakes on Sunset

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The 1950s milkshake: chocolate ice cream, a cherry, two straws.

The 2013 milkshake: 44 ounces. Eleven kinds of candy bars, cookies, sugary cereals and baked desserts. Maybe... more than two straws.

Let’s hear it for milkshake progress...

The apex is now at Twins Sliders, a new stop for diminutive burgers and one monumental milkshake, now open in Hollywood.

You’ll come to this walk-up window—stuck in a bright-orange wall on the street, right between Delancey and Mission Cantina—next time your Sunset Boulevard drive could use some sliders from the Bowery guy. Or, you know, after a few margaritas at Mission Cantina. So just about anytime, really.

You’ll order those sliders in pairs (hence the name), and each is downed in three or four bites. Unlike that legendary Bowery burger, these are pretty old-fashioned—just cheddar, Thousand Island, onions, pickles and beef that’s never seen a freezer. And yes. You want fries with that. Cheesy ones slathered in more tangy dressing.

As for that milkshake—there’s no respectable way to discuss it. It’s a glorious/obscene 44 ounces of ice cream, Butterfingers, Cap’n Crunch, cookie dough, Oreos, brownies, M&M’s and... more stuff. And marshmallows. And a whole Twinkie.

A cherry on top would be overkill.

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