Oh, Snap

Kayaks. That Fit in Your Trunk.

None Been kind of rainy this week. But it’s not like you’re going to have to build an ark or anything.

But building a kayak is probably not a bad idea.

For that, you might want to look into the Point 65N Modular Kayaks, which are basically the Legos of watercraft, available online now.

These come from Sweden. At first, it’s hard to imagine that a proud people who brought us fearsome Viking ships are now bringing us small, lightweight, assemble-it-yourself modular boats that fit into a Volvo. But then you’ll remember Ikea. And it will all make sense.

They come in various iterations. The most basic one is the Mercury, which measures more than 13-and-a-half feet long when assembled, but breaks down into three nesting parts that fit into the trunk of your car. So good news: your days of strapping a kayak to your car’s roof are over.

You’ll take it out for a few autumnal spins on the Lincoln Park Lagoon. And if you want to take a friend with you, simply add another seat section. If you want to bring two friends, add two. And so on.

Actually, this is probably how the first Viking ship got started.

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