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Shirts, Jeans and a Rooftop on the Westside

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There’s something important we need to discuss with you.

Something that’s about to become a really big part of your life during this sensitive weather transition.

So listen carefully.

Or... just get in a car and make it go to Tweeds, a lofty brick haberdashery full of hard-to-find rakishness appropriately accommodating to fall weather patterns, now open on the Westside.

And upon your return, regale us with stories of how it felt like a historian’s vacation home in there, what with all the antique portraits, old trunks and deer heads. How you made friends with one of the owners and learned he used to be a personal shopper for J.Crew.

You’ll weave magnificent tales of walking around and picking up brightly striped socks and Georgia-made jeans and charcoal-blue denim shirts that all just felt... right.

What’s that? Someone handed you a beer, you say? Then you ascended a flight of stairs and suddenly found yourself on a rooftop patio with lounge chairs and a spectacular view of the skyline?


Oh, and thanks for the fake stories that haven’t happened yet.

Place sounds pretty cool.


1009 Marietta St NW
Atlanta, GA, 30318


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