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The World’s Largest Cave Is Open for Business

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Quick: what’s dark, damp, underground and constantly about 55 degrees...

Correct: it’s the site of your next camping trip.

Oh, yeah, it’s also a cave, but... kind of obvious.

Pack your best headlamp for the Son Doong Cave Exploration, a seven-day escapade in Vietnam where you’ll explore and slumber inside the largest cave on (er, below) earth, taking reservations now.

The story goes that in 1991, a Vietnamese farmer found a cave. Then in 2009, some cave scientists declared it the biggest cave ever. And finally, some adventurous Vietnamese legal experts made it possible for you to crawl and frolic and camp inside of it. And you wouldn’t want their efforts to go to waste.

Your guides will start you with a nice, easy three-mile jungle trek to a river leading into a big hole in the ground. Rappel down said hole. About 240 feet later: hit the bottom. Yell hello. Admire your echo. Okay. You’re ready to set up camp.

You’ll spend your days bouldering, exploring underground jungles and getting to know the monkeys and flying foxes that call this place home. And when you emerge back into the light, you’ll be the guest of honor at a grand return-to-civilization celebration.

You’ll also probably squint a lot.


Son Doong Cave Exploration
via Oxalis Adventure Tours
Quang Binh Province
+84 913 36 81 87
official website


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