Fog City

Fog Wild

A Landmark Diner Reborn. Sans Diner.

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This just in: we have fog in this city. It’s annoying. Cue sad trombone.

This also just in: we don’t have Fog City Diner anymore. It closed. Reprise sad trombone.

Silence, trombone. We smell ribeye...

Time to cut through Fog City, a new mid-century beauty of grilled meats and donuts burgeoning from the old Fog City Diner spot, opening Monday on the Embarcadero.

First things first: Bruce (Bix, Zero Zero) Hill is your chef now. You... won’t be getting ham and eggs here. But it’ll take you a few minutes to even think about that, because when you walk in, wow. It looks pretty incredible in here.

Sleek woods. Cement tables. Backlit V-shaped bar. And since they tore out some office space, there’s more room—and a wall of window booths overlooking the bay. You’re clearly sitting there.

And then: right. Open kitchen. Seven-foot custom grill from Texas. You’re starving. So’s your date. Pull your gaze from the view for a moment. Try to focus on the menu. Alder-planked trout. Endless grilled skewers and ribeye and pork cheeks. Taps unleashing beer, wine and cocktails. As for dessert, there’s a full-on “donut station” in that kitchen.

And suddenly a second one on your table.

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