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The Alluring French Offshoot of Café Claude

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You’ve entered a dark burgundy bordello. Everything is supremely French.

Chandeliers. Tin ceiling. Fromage. People saying “fromage.”

If you’re thinking great new sports bar, you’re...

Pretty wildly off base.

You’re probably on a date at Café Claude Marina—it’s a handsome French date spot from the esteemed Café Claude crew, and it opens Wednesday.

Now, the Triangle isn’t exactly the Marais. And you’ve got to cut through all that first. So tell your date not to worry. Cut through the Triangle. Avert your eyes. And enter off-the-beaten-path territory just beyond. Here it is: low lit, discreet and ready.

You’ll see a long bar down the right, little tables down the left and a single oxblood leather banquette, all under gold-framed mirrors and damask wallpaper. You’ll start with a couple coy smiles and Bitter Grins (Bonal, lemon juice, soda water).

After that, the evening becomes a blur of Sancerre and snails and tartare and Le Burger—it’s topped with red-wine-braised bacon, if you want.

All of which should set you up pretty solidly for another date. And just so you know, there’s a secret chef’s table in the back, hidden by a red velvet curtain. Seats up to eight.

Or down to two.


Café Claude Marina
2120 Greenwich St
(at Fillmore)
San Francisco, CA, 94123


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