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Been a good week. Almost a great week, even.

But it was a week without sriracha-peanut-butter-pistachio donuts.

Next week. Next week will be a great week.

Let your cravings run wild at Donut Friend, a new place that will make your most sacred custom-donut dreams come true, opening next week.

So yeah, this is kind of like Build-A-Bear for donuts. After you get to Highland Park (hardly the farthest you’d go for donuts), you’ve got some important decisions to make.

First, you pick the dough you want: fried, cake or vegan. So, fried.

Then, a filling like manchego cheese, fresh peaches or Nutella.

And then... steady yourself. Do a little meditation or self-centering chant or something. Because you’ve got six glazes and more than 30 toppings to ponder. Coconut, almonds and sprinkles, of course. And bacon, Szechuan spice and balsamic reduction. And yes, peanut butter and sriracha. Whatever you create, they’ll make it on the spot.

If that’s way too much donut greatness to just plow right into, they’ve also got house options ready to go. Some are named after rock bands, like the triple-chocolate Fudgegazi—the owner used to produce for Blink-182.

That legendary donut-gateway band.


Donut Friend
5107 York Blvd
Highland Park, CA, 90065


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