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Wildly Opulent Chinese in Beverly Hills

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It’s official: China now leads the world... in the export of lychee coladas and caviar-topped dim sum to Los Angeles.

Better luck next year, Bangladesh.

Shield your eyes from the bold gleam of Hakkasan, the famed empire of Chinese food and caged dining, taking reservations now for its September 19 debut.

This, obviously, is where you’re now meeting up with the Patrick Whitesells in your life. To begin: a big guy will open even bigger doors. Then you’ll have your “nice to see you” drinks moment at the long marble bar running down one side... or in the glowing golden lounge on the other. The lounge is named Ling Ling, probably after a hard-partying panda.

Now you’re ready for the softly glowing network of connected latticework cages and discreet nooks of wood and marble. Otherwise known as a “dining room.” Here’s where you’ll try to focus on shumai topped with flying fish caviar, champagne silver cod and a few rounds of Hakkas (vodka, sake, lychee and coconut).

But (pretend not to) keep an eye on the unmarked door aside the open kitchen. That’s where famous humans get ushered in through a TMZ-sabotaging alley to the private back room.

Famous people totally hate being seen.


233 N Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA, 90210


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