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None In feudal Japan, ninjas were the epitome of stealth and espionage.

Their coveted skills took a lifetime to master.

Well, you don’t have a lifetime.

But you do have one hour a week.

Procure a black onesie for Ninja Night, a weekly class at the Crow Collection of Asian Art that’ll teach you ninja-related movements, focus and self-protection, taking place Tuesday nights through December.

Yep, ninja classes. Group sessions where you’ll learn how to think, act and fight like a ninja, all courtesy of your instructor, Randle Charles (classic ninja name). He’s a master in the ninja-inspired To-Shin Do. He can teach you how to leap silently between rooftops. Or, you know, focus better in high-stress situations.

So one of these Tuesdays, don your finest all-black outfit and step into the Grand Gallery at the Crow. Start with some basic balance and positioning exercises. Learn to stay calm through ancient breathing techniques. Really harness that ninja state of mind...

And then, attack a bunch of your fellow classmates with things like sticks and car keys in the name of practice self-defense.

It’s all practice self-defense until someone loses an eye.


Ninja Night
at the Crow Collection of Asian Art
2010 Flora St
Dallas, TX, 75201

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