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Five Facts About the New Wittmore Shop

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You came, you shopped for pants, you... wondered where the hell the shop went. And now, rising from the ashes of 3rd Street’s recently departed Wittmore pop-up is: Wittmore, the new (permanent) shop that’s now open down the street. Here are the five things you need to know.

It’s roughly 352 steps closer to El Carmen.
Now you’re scouring more than 30 labels at a lean, modern new corridor a few blocks east. And you just need a new tequila-and-taco shirt real quick...

They’ll suit you up for the beach.
Lots of trunks and Splendid Mills short-sleeves here, casual stuff that’ll help you look sharp, but not trying-to-look-sharp, on the sand. Then on Abbot Kinney.

Or your next patio coffee date.
Some Gant Rugger plaid, a Levi’s Vintage denim jacket—there, you’re all set.

And they’ll armor you against... a light breeze.
Think sturdy, muted English sweaters from Universal Works. And street-y, mesh-lined vests and jackets from Creep. That walk inside from the valet could’ve been rough.

They’ll even help you write that novel.
Because they’re randomly making their own paper, which you can use to jot down notes whenever you get inspired—it’s letter-pressed with random phrases like “Beep Boop.”

Pretty sure that was Shakespeare.


8236 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA, 90048


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