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Acquerello’s Friendly Little Spin-Off on Polk

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Everybody loves a good spin-off.

Except when The Golden Girls turned into The Golden Palace.

You can’t just do that. You can’t just turn The Golden Girls into The Golden Palace.

Anyway, speaking of spin-offs...

Here’s a restaurant one called 1760, the highly pedigreed yet highly casual new neighborhood offshoot of Italian institution Acquerello, opening Monday on Polk.

Right, so this is from the Acquerello team. That place is fancy. This place is less so.

Meaning you can and will huddle around the communal table with a big group any day of the week. You can and will walk in off the street, pull up a stool at the long bar and drink a Mango and Spice cocktail with rum and cayenne.

Casual things. Everyday things. “I just left the office and I could really use a fried-duck sandwich” things.

But it’s just nice enough. Especially if you’ve got a date in tow and all the two of you can think about is konbu-cured fluke, lobster ceviche and trying to figure out what to do with 250 bottles of wine.

We believe in you.

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