Things to do for September 05, 2013

The Weekender

Football, Parm and So Much Beer

It’s Weekend Night in America.

UD - Fighting Prism with... Art

Fighting Prism with... Art

A pocket that blocks all cell phone signals. A metal dollar bill that blocks RFID skimming. A... scarf that protects you from drone strikes. (Allegedly.) An artist made these things for you. And they’re at the New Museum. For you to buy. For some reason.

UD - Football and Wings. At Parm.

Football and Wings. At Parm.

There’s watching football with your friends. And then there’s watching football with your friends whilst devouring meatballs, massive heroes and Italian-style sweet-and-sour wings from Parm. At least, there’s that now that Parm’s doing game-day feasts for pickup. Of course, the whole “friends” thing is totally optional.

Available now, $99, Game Day Package from Parm, 248 Mulberry St (at Mulberry), 212-993-7189, preorder here

UD - Fashion Week, with Cronuts

Fashion Week, with Cronuts

The SuperPier. It’s a giant pier in Chelsea that they’re building into a... super pier. But this week, it’s shipping containers full of avant-garde handsomeness from Opening Ceremony and euphoric pastries from Dominique Ansel. Maybe he’ll sign your cronut.

Sep 5-12, 11am-7pm, Opening Ceremony BTW at Pier 57, 15th St and West Side Hwy

UD - The Tørst Guys Come to Manhattan

The Tørst Guys Come to Manhattan

You know Evil Twin Brewing. They run a little beer haven called Tørst. And they’re bringing seven of their finest works to Craftbar for a humble seven-course, beer-paired meal. It ends with an imperial biscotti stout. Which hardly seems fair to all the other people who’ve ever made beer.

What Else Is New
UD - This Week’s Openings

This Week’s Openings

For your thirst: Williamsburg’s got a new club/beer-and-shot/catfish-sandwich spot (that old chestnut) by the name of Kingsland. While Midtown’s Suite 36 will be your new go-to for watching football from in-bar luxury boxes.
For your hunger: The EV is all over the authentic Thai thing with Bangkok export Somtum Der.

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