Merc Hard, Play Hard

An Open-Air Hall of Tequila and Mole

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There’s a pretty terrible rumor going around.

Something about summer being over now.

Time to confront this head-on. At a roofless bar. With a light breeze in your hair and a mezcal-and-strawberry margarita in your hand...

Summer ends when you damn well say it does.

Meet Mercado, the bigger, shinier, great-outdoors-ier outpost of the Westside Mexican spot, opening tomorrow on Third and Fairfax.

Basically, like Sharknado 2: The Second One, this is the kind of sequel that simply had to be made. Anyway, the bar’s the thing here. It’s front and center when you walk in, massive and marble and missing a roof—it retracts.

So if your agave levels are low, start here with some reposado or one of those margaritas. Then you’ve got two choices: an intimate corridor of a lounge to your right or an airy white-brick dining room to your left. There’s a big garage door over there, so on nice days... yeah, again with the retracting. Take over a communal table. Meet some new people. Have some skirt steak skewers. Maybe some slow-cooked carnitas and a giant turkey leg covered in Oaxacan mole and... fried kale.

We won’t tell Mexico about the kale.

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