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Super-Creative Cocktails in Adams Morgan

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Well, that was fun. Summer, the long weekend, all of that.

But now it’s time to get back to some business around here. And that business is about to include tiki drinks on tap and pickleback-Jell-O shots.

Here’s Bar Charley, a relaxed townhouse of cocktailery from the folks behind El Chucho, opening Thursday at the foot of Adams Morgan.

Nothing wrong with taking a date here and setting up at one of the copper-top tables. Have a couple rickeys with lime ice. Or delve into a page’s worth of variations on gin martinis. Share a whole fish and some fried eggplant balls. Great.

But this place is ideal for big groups. Squeeze into the big elevated communal table in the front window. Commandeer the cafeteria-style table under the two big red chandeliers. Or—in two weeks’ time—gather on the 40-seat patio out back.

Then get to work on some bison sloppy joes and experimental cocktails: daiquiris inside coconut-shaped balls of ice, cognac drinks infused with smoke created on the spot from a cedar plank, a housemade take on Ocean City’s own Orange Crush.

And yeah, that shot of whiskey served in a shooter made from pickle-brine Jell-O.

Yes, you have to eat it.


Bar Charley
1825 18th St NW
Washington, DC, 20009


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