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Abbot Kinney Pizza from a Mozza Vet

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You’re in Venice. The LA one.

Thinking about Venice. The Italian one.

And how there’s a lot of pizza there, but none from a Mozza vet...

(And incidentally, the Florida Venice never crossed your mind.)

Meet South End, an intimate wine bar with pizza from the man who was recently running the kitchen at Pizzeria Mozza, now soft-open on Abbot Kinney.

The keyword above was “Mozza.” Which means next time you feel like getting close to someone who appreciates the significance of said keyword, you’ll squeeze into this dark little box of wood slats. It’s got a giant mural of some girl’s face, and that’s about it, decor-wise.

And so: you’ll grab a couple stools at the black bar, with a transparent base full of wine glasses underneath. (The communal table makes more sense if you’ve come by early for pastries. They do that here, too. This concludes our non-pizza-related aside.) Out’ll come a rustic sourdough pizza made for two. Maybe a classic margherita or a bacon-assisted white pie. And a bottle of Argentine cabernet.

Assuming all is going well, you’ll then order a couple honey saison ales and the pizza topped with peaches and brie.

Yeah, that’ll taste good cold in the morning.


South End
2805 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA, 90291


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