Things to do for August 29, 2013

The Weekender

RedFarm Steak, Patti Smith and the US Open

The weekend will wear white whenever it damn well pleases.

Meet RedFarm’s Steak Pop-Up

Meet RedFarm’s Steak Pop-Up

Here’s what’s happening: RedFarm proper’s closing for the month. Downstairs, they’ve got a new space. For just this month, they’re doing bone-in strips, grilled lobster and shrimp-stuffed chicken steak down there. You know, just small, easy, temporary stuff.

Through September, RedFarm Steak, 529 Hudson St (near Charles), 212-792-9700

Nattiness, 60% Off

Nattiness, 60% Off

This “being dressed” fad doesn’t seem to be going away. So you should head here to pick up Battenwear jackets, Yuketen shoes and Margaret Howell sweaters for a song. Money might also work.

Through Sep 8, Inventory, 12 Extra Pl (between 2nd and Bowery), 212-420-8900

What to Eat at the US Open

What to Eat at the US Open

The Players: David Burke and Hill Country and Masaharu Morimoto (of Morimoto fame) are all making appearances at Queens’s tennis party.
The Overhand Smashes: The ratatouille-stuffed portabella burger, the smoked turkey with pickles and... all the sushi, respectively. Mmm, tennis.

Through Sep 9, US Open, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Flushing

Patti Smith Closes Out the Hamptons

Patti Smith Closes Out the Hamptons

There’s an old Hamptons saying we just made up that goes, “If you’re gonna go out, go out singing ‘Because the Night.’” Hence, Patti Smith’s closing down the concert/weekending season at the Surf Lodge. Odds are against the use of a foam finger here.

An All-Female Cocktail Powerhouse

An All-Female Cocktail Powerhouse

What do you get when you put together an all-female team of cocktail masters from Clover Club, the NoMad, the Dead Rabbit, Booker and Dax, and Middle Branch in a Kips Bay spot named after a 16th-century female pirate? This. Only this.

Opens Sep 2, Grace, 365 3rd Ave (between 26th and 27th), 646-918-6553

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