Major League Bocce

Major League Too

Playing Competitive Bocce at Three Sheets

None The thrill of victory.

The agony of defeat.

The time you threw that one ball near the other ball while holding a gin and maintaining a conversation.

Ah, sports...

Consult a rule book for Major League Bocce, the city’s first organized league for the athletic enterprise of beer-fueled lawn bowling, starting October 1 at Three Sheets.

Turns out, this thing’s been quietly around since last fall. But unless you’re one of the few dozen who’ve thrown a pallino, well, then hey... breaking news. That old Italian sport perfected by cardigan-clad guys named Geppetto has a competitive league on Ross Ave. And it’s expanding. Which means your Tuesday and Wednesday nights have a lot more potential for raffas and volos. (Bocce words. We looked them up.)

So find at least three others and register a team (you can do that now through September 22). Then, start practicing. Buy some balls. Create a makeshift 30-by-6-foot roped-off bocce court in your backyard. Monogram some matching newsboy caps. And when the time comes, you’ll gather your squad for a game at Three Sheets.

Which, hey, Three Sheets. That’s a bar. And playing there has some advantages. Things like burgers, draft beer and whiskey specials come to mind.

You always play better with a little whiskey.


Major League Bocce
at Three Sheets
3113 Ross Ave
Dallas, TX, 75204

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