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A J.Crew Scion Gets a Nolita Shop

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You may not know it yet.

But you can’t wait to wear this.

Okay, maybe you know already.

What with fall and all...

It’s the stuff at Alex Mill, a veritable closet of everyday wearable perfection, now open in Nolita.

J.Crew. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Well, the man behind what we’re talking about here is the son of he who runs that humble operation. And this son, he’s... really doing it. If “it” means the uniform of jeans, T-shirts and shirts you crave during autumnal periods.

Thick, colorful flannel button-downs. Slim-but-not-skinny oxfords. Japanese-denim jeans. They’re all here. And they’re all the versions of those things you’ve been seeking. The Paul Newman–casual paragon.

It’s all laid out in a 400-square-foot cube. Man-size stuff on the right, and child-size stuff on the left. With a denim map of New York on the wall. (For argument’s sake, let’s say you use the left side for miniature versions of yourself you’ve commissioned.)

And let’s also say you like cashmere knit caps, because they’ve got those, along with A.R. Trapp sunglasses and the occasional leather-wrapped pen.

Try not to chew on it.


Alex Mill
268 Elizabeth St
(near Houston)
New York, NY, 10012


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