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Kegs of Whiskey in a Basement Bar

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Pretty soon, roof decks and patios will begin to lose their luster. Also: their warmth.

We know. It’s sad. But this may not be a bad thing. Not when there’s a formerly private basement bar to descend to, and kegs of whiskey being tapped.

Yup, kegs of whiskey.

Say hello to The Whiskey Cellar at Jack Rose, opening next Thursday to give you a crash course in whiskey and/or turn any weekend into a lost weekend rather quickly.

This used to be only for private parties. Or, if you asked nicely, you might’ve been able to go down there to check out the owner’s stash of pre-Prohibition whiskeys.

They’re still there, along with leather couches and chairs. You don’t need a reservation, so just head down, order some crispy pork belly, get comfortable. Then it’s time to see what’s on tap. The whiskey taps, that is.

September brings nothing but bourbon flights, and the following months will have you exploring scotch, Japanese and Irish whiskeys, and cask-strength bottlings.

And if you really feel like geeking out, show up on Thursdays, when a whiskey expert will talk about the current flight. First up: Jim Beam’s master distiller.

No, his name’s not Jim.


The Whiskey Cellar at Jack Rose
2007 18th St NW
(at Florida)
Washington, DC, 20009


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