Who’s That Zady

Clothes That Make You a Good Person


That’s who wears this stuff. Heroes.

Throw a parade for Zady, a curated marketplace of good-looking things that are environmentally sustainable and locally sourced, and yadda yadda yadda, it’s all pretty sharp-looking/might save the world, online now.

Okay, so we get it. When you’re in the market for a gingham shirt or a leather belt or a hand-knit alpaca sweater... you just want a gingham shirt or a leather belt or a hand-knit alpaca sweater.

But, hey, what if you could get all that while also supporting local artisans and small businesses that rely solely on sustainable raw materials...

Well, then you’d probably say, “All right, but this better require the minimal amount of effort on my part.”

Good news. It does. All you need to do is click over to this site, see what’s currently in stock (right now they’ve got wares from the likes of Shinola and Imogene + Willie) and buy a few things you need. Heck, buy a few things you don’t need—a sailor bracelet from Nantucket comes to mind.

Your country thanks you.

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