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Bacon-Wrapped Pierogies in the Mission

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Move along.

Nothing to see here.

Just a place that does nothing but put bacon-and-cheese mashed potatoes into little pan-fried dumplings and serves them to you with ice-cold Midwestern beers.

Okay, so maybe there’s something to see here.

It’s Stuffed, a new pierogies-only restaurant that’s opening Saturday in the Mission.

Pretty bare-bones scenario happening in this spot. Few old-timey beer posters. The requisite High Life mirror. Wood bar overlooking the open kitchen. It’s a real pop-in-for-dinner-and-don’t-make-a-big-deal-about-it type of place. But that’s all you need, really.

Because eventually, after you take a seat at that bar and order a Fat Tire or a bottle of Olympia, you’re going to look over at the chalkboard menu. And on that chalkboard menu will be pierogies. Just pierogies.

Smoked salmon ones with a cream-cheese-mashed-potato filling. Buffalo ones with blue cheese, jack cheese and spicy buffalo sauce. Traditional ones served with coleslaw or sauerkraut. Ask nicely and they’ll wrap any one of them in bacon for you.

Or ask meanly and chance it.

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