Gentleman’s Cooperative

Tricked Out

A Magician Who Wants to Make You a Suit

None If you want a custom suit, it’s pretty simple. You go to a tailor.

Actually, maybe that’s a little too simple.

Let’s throw a magician into the mix and see what happens.

Say abracadabra for Gentleman’s Cooperative, a penthouse-based custom-suit emporium that just happens to be run by a real live, no-kidding David Copperfield type, now open.

This is located in a pop-up shop within the John Allan’s salon. So now, in addition to coming here for a haircut, shave, scotch, shoeshine, sweeping eastern view and quick game of eight-ball, you can also get an Italian-silk three-piece number. You knew they were missing something.

The process is straightforward. You’ll show up, tell a style expert what you want, peruse books of 600 Italian fabrics and pick one you like. Then you’ll go into a secret room near the pool table and get measured in all the right places. About a month later, presto. You have a suit.

But speaking of presto, the guy showing you the fabrics is likely to be owner Nick Roy, a working magician, who you won’t have to prod to show you some tricks. Illusions. Card gags. Making you look taller...

He uses pinstripes for that last one.


Gentleman’s Cooperative
in John Allan’s
111 W Jackson Blvd
(at Clark)
Chicago, IL, 60604

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