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None 6 Photos Jack/Knife Outfitters Ready to Wear
No bells today, people.

No whistles.

No fancy stories about master tailors hand-stitching indestructible pairs of jeans made from Nihon Menpu selvage denim just for you.

Oh, fine. Just this once, though...

Prepare your appendages accordingly for Jack/Knife Outfitters Ready to Wear, a soon-to-finally-exist online store from a local team of denim whisperers who are about to see your legs and raise them an unspeakable amount of dapper. It launches September 1, and you can sign up now for exclusive updates.

The team behind this has been doing the appointment-only custom jeans thing for over a year now. Maybe you’re already acquainted. Maybe you already know that they design, grade, cut and hand-stitch every pair in-house. And that it’s all made from deadstock selvage Japanese and American fabrics.

And that this bodes very well for your legs’ social lives.

The only difference now is that instead of making an appointment, you’ll just hop online and pick from a handful of ready-made jeans. Order a pair and go hunt something. Mine some gold. Do some stand-in voiceover work for Sam Elliott. You know, jeans things.

They’ll even carry barn coats, hunting vests and flannels.

Because of course they will.

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