’Nelle Freezes Over

Coffee Ice Cream, and Drumsticks, and Scones...

4 Photos Quenelle
None 4 Photos Quenelle
Father’s Office: yeah, the burgers are pretty good.

But you, you’ve always gone for the ice cream.

There. You said it. A real weight has been lifted off your shoulders...

Adjust your critical-ice-cream radar for Quenelle, a tiny sliver of a dessert spot from the man who’s finished off your meals at Father’s Office and Lukshon, opening tomorrow in Burbank.

First off: there’s not much to look at. And nowhere to sit. Just a little counter on a random patch of Magnolia. So we’d suggest stopping here on an aimless August drive through the hills with a date and your A/C—then stop on a deserted patch of road whose view could only be enhanced by the St-Germain blueberry pie ice cream you just picked up.

Or Vietnamese coffee ice cream, topped with bourbon caramel.

Or Girl Scout cookie dough drumsticks, made with Thin Mint and Samoa ice cream.

Or... well, there’s a lot of delicious ice cream (and popsicles) happening here, and the flavors change daily. But they’ll always have non-frozen stuff, too, like bacon-cheddar scones. Which you might need if you...

Actually, it’s hard to picture a time you wouldn’t need those.


2214 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA, 91506


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