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How to Use Cow Hollow’s New Sushi Spot

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This is the story about a new sushi spot called Tamashisoul Sushi Bar.

1) It’s open right now in Cow Hollow.
2) It’s from the guys behind Sudachi.
3) Now is as good a time as any to regale you with three situation-appropriate scenarios for using such a place...

The Situation: Omakase date.
The Play: Your sushi chef has cooked for the likes of Mike Tyson, Magic Johnson and Jeff Goldblum. Which... anyway, he’s good. Escort your date past those red banquettes and under those dangling pendant lights toward the sushi bar. He’d be happy to demonstrate.
The Players: Maybe abalone. Maybe toro. Doesn’t matter, it’s his choice. Yes, that’s a good thing.

The Situation: Après-work confab.
The Play: Show up with the rest of the office. Find the big communal table. Sit. Listen to a DJ spinning jazz and soul. Leave at the first mention of synergy.
The Players: Sake. Shōchū cocktails. Seventeen pounds of chopsticks.

The Situation: Solo mission.
The Play: Settle in at the bar in front of a flat-screen. Watch something. Look mysterious.
The Players: Samurai rolls with salmon belly. Red Hot Chili Pepper rolls with spicy tuna and jalapeños.

Sushi rolls with names that make you wonder where Anthony Kiedis went.

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