Things to do for August 15, 2013

The Weekender

Bacon, Barbecue and the Three Amigos

To thine own weekend be true.

All-Day Breakfast on Lower Greenville

All-Day Breakfast on Lower Greenville

Jack’s closed. You may have heard. But don’t worry: they’re just relocating. Also: the new tenant has already moved in, and they’re serving up diner staples like BLTs and meat loaf, plus all-day breakfast. So that’s good news for your daily bacon regimen.

Now open, Jo24, 1905 Greenville Ave

Shoes. For You.

Shoes. For You.

In case you’re in the market for some limited-edition, aggressive-looking striped brogues made from Italian leather and vegetable-dyed calfskin, well, this next part’s for you. You can now acquire a pair from the Office of Angela Scott. They’re hand-sewn, hand-stained and priced like a 37-inch flat-screen. Happy walking.

Watching Three Amigos at the Nasher

Watching <em>Three Amigos</em> at the Nasher

By now, you know the Nasher. Cold beer. Concerts. Classic movies displayed on the big projection screen. (Plus a bunch of sculptures and stuff.) So stop by on Friday for some hoppy snacks, live music and an outdoor screening of Three Amigos. Hey, Hollywood: please never remake this.

Late-Night Chicken and Waffles

Late-Night Chicken and Waffles

Midnight. Some say nothing good happens after it. Others say it’s the perfect time for chicken and waffles. In fact, Ten Bells Tavern says that, because they’re hosting a guest chef this Saturday for a late-night pop-up. On the menu: right, chicken and waffles. Good to see you were paying attention.

Fearing’s Turns Six. You Eat Ribs.

Fearing’s Turns Six. You Eat Ribs.

Turning six is a magical time. Especially when pulled pork and beef short ribs are involved. And that’s exactly what’s happening at Fearing’s this Sunday. Stop by for sangria, Deep Ellum beers and food from world barbecue champ Chris Lilly. They don’t give those titles lightly.

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