Things to do for August 15, 2013

The Weekender

Guacamole, Hawaii and Dolly Parton

The weekend hates these blurred lines.

Bagatelle’s Charming New Sidewalk

Bagatelle’s Charming New Sidewalk

Here’s something you didn’t see coming: Bagatelle (you know, your party brunch go-to) went out and got itself a chef who’s been at Daniel and the dearly departed Le Comptoir. And now he’s serving outdoor lunches of filet mignon tartare, frittata and croque. Perfect spot for the classic four-hour lunch.

Mon-Fri, 11:30am-4pm, Bagatelle, 1 Little W 12th St (at 9th), 212-488-2110

Your Favorite Pants, 50% Off

Your Favorite Pants, 50% Off

If there’s a perfect pant out there, it’s the Unis Gio. And if there’s a time where you can get a pair for half as much as usual, it’s right now. Because that’s how this whole sale thing works.

Ongoing, Unis, 226 Elizabeth St (between Prince and Houston), 212-431-5533

A Boat Ride with Guacamole

A Boat Ride with Guacamole

If you’ve ever wanted to say the phrase “If this boat is a guacin’, don’t come a knockin”... A) Weird. B) Now’s your chance. This cruise has award-winning guac. And beer. And live bands. And... did we mention the guac?

Nitehawk Outdoors, Starring Dolly Parton

Nitehawk Outdoors, Starring Dolly Parton

Burt Reynolds, Dolly Parton, beer, fried chicken and OddFellows Ice Cream. Any one of those could make an entire weekend. All of them together make Nitehawk Outdoors—where, this week, you’ll watch The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas under the moonlight with provisions. Dolly really shines on the big screen.

Aug 20, Sep 10, and Sep 17, 6:30-10:30pm, Nitehawk Outdoors at Havemeyer Park, 54 S 3rd St (at Wythe), Brooklyn, 718-384-3980, RSVP here

What Else Is New
This Week’s New Openings

This Week’s New Openings

For your thirst: Gin cocktails (also: clams) from the lads behind the Richardson at Grand Ferry on the Williamsburg waterfront.
For your hunger: Also in Williamsburg, Onomea’s doing Hawaiian the old-fashioned way—slow-roasted pork and plenty of Spam. And if you’re into Icelandic food (or Björk), Les Enfants Terribles on the LES has become Skål.

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