Venice the Menace

A Venetian Cicchetti Bar on Market

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If Venice moved, we’re pretty sure you’d still visit.

And if a sad clown showed up on your doorstep with a vegetable tray and a kitten puzzle, we’re pretty sure you’d be creeped out.

But... back to the Venice part.

Say something heavily accented for Pesce, the little Venetian tapas spot in Russian Hill that just moved into a bigger, stronger, Negroni-er home on Market. It opens tomorrow. Plan accordingly.

What separates this place from its original location: well, a lot of things. But mostly the size. It’s almost three times bigger. Which means more elbow room at the bar. More standing room in the standing-room-only area near the front. More everything, really.

So it’s probably only fair to your date to sequester a banquette across from the marble bar and order a bottle of something red and Italian. Nod. Approve. Make with the oyster shots spiked with chipotle-infused vodka already.

And when it’s time to graduate to the cicchetti and pizzette side of things, do so. Know that for every bite of fennel, grape and goat cheese you donate to your mouth, you’re helping to feed hungry yous on a date in the Castro.

Philanthropy. What a thing.


2223 Market St
(at Sanchez)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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