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Hotel. Spa. Casino. Oklahoma.

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You know what they say about Oklahoma...

It’s OK.

Unless you’re looking to play a little poker and eat a few steaks.

Then it’s significantly above-average.

Consult your compass for The Artesian Hotel, a century-old classic that’s been rebuilt and restored for all your north-of-the-border-weekending needs, now open in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

In the early 1900s, this was the place to be. For President Taft. For John Wayne. For other people who found themselves passing through Oklahoma. But then it was demolished. Bummer.

Anyway, that’s the past. And this is now. And now looks like 81 guest rooms, whirlpool baths and a gem of a casino.

So go ahead, pull a Bueller this Friday and head here with someone significant. Start in that lobby full of white pillars, marble floors and ornate chandeliers. Mostly because that’s where you’ll acquire your room key. But also because it’s near the Fountain Club bar. And a cold beer sounds nice after a long drive.

Next up: the spa. Go there for stone waterfalls and general predinner relaxation. Really gets you in the mood for chops on the patio. Which you’ll follow with a bunch of late-night blackjack.

We hear 21’s a good score.


The Artesian Hotel
1001 W 1st St
Sulphur, OK, 73086


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