He Got Game

You. With Spike. At the Garden.

None Huge news in the world of you sitting courtside at Knicks games...

You’re about to sit Courtside with Spike Lee, a previously impossible Knicks game experience that’s possible thanks to Kickstarter. You can get in on it now.

So, Spike. Guy’s done some amazing movies—Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, 25th Hour. (Conversely: Drop Squad.) And as a reward for a long career of great art, he’s also famously in possession of some excellent Knicks seats. This is about getting you in one of those seats.

See, Spike’s looking to finance his next film—a sex-comedy-thriller about humans addicted to blood, in case you’re curious—via Kickstarter. And if you look beyond the pledges that’ll net you signed one sheets or producer credits, you’ll find a pledge level that gets you dinner with him and a spot in his wife’s usual seat for a game. That pledge level: $10,000. (Dinner’s... really good.)

But think about it: this is like sitting next to the 59th Street Bridge (or... at a Knicks game) to talk comedy with Woody Allen or getting photography lessons from Bill Cunningham—just about as iconically New York as it gets.

If only Reggie Miller were still around.

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