Things to do for August 08, 2013

The Weekender

Heisenberg, Hatch Chilies and Swimming in a Dumpster

One weekend fits all.

Wine. Beer. Liquor. This Place.

Wine. Beer. Liquor. This Place.

You remember Urban Market, that handy downtown grocer. The convenience. The decline. The closing. Well, now it’s something else: Urban Vineyard, a beer/wine/liquor shop you’ll visit for... all those things. So stop in and say hello. Offer to buy yourself a beer. And then leave with it.

Dumpster Pools... Okay, You’ll Bite.

Dumpster Pools... Okay, You’ll Bite.

Let’s see: local vendors. Food trucks. Live music. Gratis gin. A couple dumpsters converted into makeshift swimming holes... Yup, you’ve got yourself a party. It’s happening Saturday in the Design District, so feel free to swing by. Have a drink. Eat something. Take a dip. Then maybe bathe yourself in hand sanitizer.

Where Downtown Keeps Its Brats

Where Downtown Keeps Its Brats

Big party in Main Street Garden this Saturday. It’s called SausageFest, but... just go with it. Because there you’ll find all manner of smoked meats, rock concerts and cold Sam Adams. Oh, and a bikini contest. Participation optional.

Breaking Bad on the Big Screen

<i>Breaking Bad</i> on the Big Screen

Oh, Walter White. That crazy SOB. Always making meth and threatening drug lords and whatnot. Good times. Anyway, you can watch the beginning of the end this Sunday, when Granada premieres the final episodes of Breaking Bad on their big screen. There’ll be beer, food and plenty of moral ambiguity.

’Tis the Season. For Hatch Chilies.

’Tis the Season. For Hatch Chilies.

Hatch chilies are back, and that’s fine news for your dinner plans. Especially if you stop into El Fenix, where they’re adding four new dishes to the menu. We’re talking Hatch-chili-inspired queso fundido, enchiladas, fajitas and tamales. Should be nice. Well, unless a Hatch chili killed your uncle or something.

Starts Aug 12, El Fenix, all locations

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