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Barn Raising

Blue Barn’s Wine-and-Beer-Equipped Outpost

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Few things:

1) Beer.
2) Wine.
3) Grilled cheese. 

Hey, we just described your happy hour tonight.

It’s happening at Blue Barn Gourmet, the wine-and-beer-filled offshoot of the original Marina-based sandwich shop, now open on Polk.

This is brought to you courtesy of the guys behind the likes of Tipsy Pig and Padrecito. And apparently they got your “I’d like to drink bottles of Icelandic pale ale somewhere that looks like a barn in wine country” memo.

It’s a lot bigger than the original spot. Plenty of wiggle room here. So if you’re looking for a two-top underneath a wall filled with random farm equipment like hoes and saws, well... that’s really specific. Also, you’ll certainly find a few of those.

But really, you’re here for the bar. It’s that thing you’ll sit down in front of and order bottled beers from the likes of Eel River and Napa Smith. And sandwiches. Bacon grilled cheese ones. Turkey ones with brie and truffled garlic aioli. Soppressata ones with manchego cheese and mission fig jam.

Oh, and don’t forget to ask for some Rice Krispies treats on the side.

You remember what happened the last time you forgot to do that.

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