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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: The Bar

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There’s a sea monster.

On the ceiling.

Of a bar.

And it’s coming right for you.

The bar, not the sea monster...

Trim your jib for the Royal Tug Yacht Club, a Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea–themed watering hole with a giant fake squid on the ceiling and some very real whiskey behind the bar, now open on Bush.

It’s just a regular old bar. A regular old bar with axes, fire hoses, maritime light fixtures and buoys dangling around everywhere. And a random 20-foot sea creature. It’s got one of those, too.

Thank the guys behind Soda Popinski’s, Tonic, Bullitt and... all those other bars. They’re the ones responsible for channeling Jules Verne’s magnum opus into the place where you’re going to grab a bar stool and drink fernet on tap. And cocktails that celebrate the unholy union of bourbon, vodka and ginger beer (ask for the Second Kick of a Mule).

Come with a group. Grab a Blood in the Water cocktail with gin, Aperol and cucumber. Think of it as a taste test. Because if you like it, you’re going to ring the bell at the end of the bar, thus signaling that you’re about to buy everyone a round.

Don’t do anything Captain Nemo wouldn’t do.


Royal Tug Yacht Club
895 Bush St
(at Taylor)
San Francisco, CA, 94108


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