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This Was Lingerie Fashion Week

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We asked all over town what might put you in the right mood on this fine day.

And the answer just kept coming back the same.

Lingerie slideshow...

And so we give you the greatest hits of Lingerie Fashion Week, a photographic look at the latest in bedroom-worthy evening wear for the fairer sex. It happened this weekend, but the photos here will last forever.

Not a whole lot to ponder here. Every season, new negligees and teddies and such are dreamed of and made so. Then, as is custom, women of impossible and majestic proportions must demonstrate the capabilities of these garments by putting them on and walking fiercely in a straight line in high heels whilst wearing them.

And this is all about appreciating that.

So observe the fine lace of the Bradelis line. Check out the detail in the 24-karat-gold thread of the Rococo Dessous collection. Bask in the sheer sheerness of it all and forge a Tuesday out of it. And know that people worked hard to make these fantasies a reality.

And that they’re the greatest heroes of all.

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