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Your Own Ski Glacier, by the Numbers

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An entire Alpine glacier just went up for sale in Austria.

But... let’s not get carried away. It’s just a giant chunk of ice.

A giant chunk of ice with a world-class ski resort, a legendary snow park and a sheepskin-lined igloo included in the asking price.

So, on second thought, maybe call your accounting guy.

Here now, the only figures the two of you need to know about Schnalstal Glacier:

Asking price: 6.5 million euros
Acres of slope eagerly awaiting your benevolent dictatorship: 1,250
Friends you’ll allow to ski that acreage: TBD
Snow parks on property currently frequented by Italian snowboarders: 1
Number of people the cable railway’s gondola can accommodate comfortably: 80
Percent chance you’ll fill it with 80 people and have a weird party: 100
Times you’ll look around during that party and say, “You know, this is pretty wonderful”: at least 3
Hotels with wraparound terraces at the top of the glacier: 1
Altitude, in feet, of said hotel: 10,499
Other Alpine hotels that are higher than yours: 0
Times you’ll have to ski around hundreds of sheep making their summer migration: once a year
Damns you’ll give about that because it’s more cool than annoying: 0

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