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Meet the Rockaways’ New Hotel

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Hey, Friday.

How you been?



We’ve got a gift for you...

It’s an oasis of sexy humanity, top-flight electronic music, miniature fish sandwiches and avant-garde bedrooms in Rockaway Beach. It’s called Playland Motel, it’s from the folks who brought you Output, and it’s plausibly, possibly, maybe worth the trip out there to the edge of the world. And this is how you’ll mine it for pleasure.

Staycation weekends.
You’ve got 12 stunning rooms here, each designed by a different artist (including a two-toned masterpiece by Simon Spurr). Basically, you’ll pile a few friends into one so you’ve got a short commute after the late-night beach club festivities. Which reminds us...

Late-night beach club festivities.
These Output guys have famous friends who like to spin records. And those friends are on their way over in the next few months. (Identities are top secret.) Their stage: a pool-chair-bedecked, beanbag-related-drinking-game-equipped pebble beach—all surrounding the kind of sundeck that would inspire the sunbrella were it not already invented.

Fortifying in the Brooklyn way.
The fellas behind Rosarito Fish Shack (criminally underappreciated Williamsburg Latin spot) and El Almacen (also) are handling the oyster rolls, watermelon salads and caipirinhas, which you can score in-restaurant or on-deck.

Oh yeah, there’s also an ocean nearby.

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