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How England Does Handsome

The year was 1772.

Mozart was huge. Bread cost two shillings. Shillings were a thing.

And in a tiny workshop in England, a flannel tie was being woven with your name on it.

Okay, so maybe it was your great-great-great-great-grandfather’s name... but hey, you guys have similar taste.

Take a bloody good look at The Merchant Fox, England’s oldest flannel-weavers and the newest members of the League of Extraordinarily Handsome Internet Stores, online now.

Consider the facts: 1) You’ll need some warm and cozy garments eventually. 2) Flannel is warm and cozy. 3) These guys damn near invented flannel 241 years ago. And 4) you can now get their stuff without making a transatlantic voyage. All of which results in...

... you finding your way to their site. And then joyously rolling around in their flannel robes and flannel scarves, and wafting up the scent of their own custom flannel-scented candles. Or maybe you don’t roll around at all, and instead you buy a herringbone peacoat that looks like what Churchill probably wore while picking pumpkins.

Also, definitely peruse their exclusive collection of chocolate-leather, brass-accented and flannel-lined suitcases. They’d be good for Labor Day excursions. Or carrying large amounts of unmarked British pounds.

Or more flannel.

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