Things to do for August 01, 2013

The Weekender

Sharknado, Cupcakes and Expertly Hemmed Pants

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the weekend.

More Sakhuu. More Thai Food.

More Sakhuu. More Thai Food.

Sakhuu. It’s a fine spot. Green curries. Stuffed chicken wings. That sort of place. And now, it’s expanding. Yup, they’ve just opened a to-go/delivery spot on Lemmon Ave. It’s like manifest destiny. Only with stuffed chicken wings. Which is the best kind, really.

In Case You Need Some Pants Hemmed...

In Case You Need Some Pants Hemmed...

Meet Orlando Morales. He’s a Barneys veteran who’s been tailoring stuff for 28 years. And now, he’s setting up shop in the back of Edo Popken. So go ahead, bring him something. A new suit. Some pants. Jorts. Well, maybe not jorts. Guy’s got a reputation to uphold.

Downtown’s New Cupcake Shop

Downtown’s New Cupcake Shop

There’s a new sheriff in town. And by sheriff, we mean a shiny little cupcake shop. And by town, we mean, well, town. This one. Anyway, it’s called Fluellen Cupcakes, and it’s just popped up on Elm Street. You’d better go investigate.

Sharknado. On the Big Screen.

<i>Sharknado</i>. On the Big Screen.

Oh, Sharknado. What peculiar amusement you’ve provided. The Syfy movie. The Twitter frenzy. The... brief and fleeting resurgence of one Ian Ziering. And now, all that’s coming to the big screen for a single night. So grab some popcorn, take a nip from your flask and try not to think too hard.

A Beer-Themed Birthday at Goodfriend

A Beer-Themed Birthday at Goodfriend

Lakewood Brewing Co. turns one this weekend, so the beer guys are celebrating with an appropriately themed party at Goodfriend. You can expect keg tappings throughout the day. The unveiling of a special anniversary beer. Live music. Burgers. Strangers complimenting your party hat. We assume you made a party hat.

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