Things to do for August 01, 2013

The Weekender

Fried Chicken, the Box and Ziplining

When the going gets weird, the weird turn weekend.

UD - The Box. The Hamptons. One Night Only.

The Box. The Hamptons. One Night Only.

The roughest part about being out in the Hamptons: finding a decent cabaret joint—somewhere little-clothed women play with fire on a stage. Enter the Box (cough), who’s doing a one-night-only gig in East Hampton. Feels just like home.

UD - Summer’s Still Here. You Need This.

Summer’s Still Here. You Need This.

Last we checked, you were still into the whole “wearing clothes” fad. Can’t say we blame you. And we’ll point you toward a sale of the lustrous brand of handsomeness that is Seize sur Vingt—khaki suits, madras button-downs, striped polos. There’s still summer to own.

Aug 2-18 (Mon-Sat, 11am-7pm; Sun, noon-6pm), Seize sur Vingt Sample Sale, 78 Greene St (between Broome and Spring)

UD - You, Ziplining Through Manhattan

You, Ziplining Through Manhattan

Remember that scene in Annie Hall where Alvy and Annie bond while shooting through the Manhattan skyline down a 165-foot zipline? No? Well... it should’ve been in there. Meanwhile, you can do that down in FiDi for the next three weekends. Great first date, or greatest first date?

UD - Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken. That’s All.

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken. That’s All.

Ever since the first time you sank your teeth into a honey-dipped piece of Blue Ribbon’s fried chicken, you’ve known there needed to be an entire place dedicated to only that. Now there is. Coincidentally, it’s from the Blue Ribbon folks. Fancy that.

UD - Going Whole-Hog at the Fat Radish

Going Whole-Hog at the Fat Radish

It’s a hard row to hoe for pigs in the modern world. And now the Fat Radish is taking a whole damn hog, plotting five courses around it, serving wine with every course and then giving it all to you. The indignity...

Aug 7, 8pm-midnight, $110, The Farmer’s Dinner at The Fat Radish, 17 Orchard St (between Canal and Hester), 212-300-4053, reserve here

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