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A New Neighborhood Hangout in the Mission

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Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Great meals.

Anyway, you’re eating them all wrong. And you should really consider stopping that.

Here to assist: Mission Public, a fun-size homage to the golden age of sitting there eating Nutella pop-tarts and listening to jazz from an eight-track (if there’s not a golden age for that, there should be), now open in the Mission.

What you’re dealing with here is a neighborhood-hangout-type place. It’s pretty small. It’s got lights made out of old plumbing fixtures and a Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist doll and a bookshelf under a chalkboard wall.

For now, it’s a breakfast-only situation. But lunch is coming next week. And dinner soon after. So. Tomorrow. Swing by in the morning for a strong cup of De La Paz coffee. Pick up a jalapeño-cream-cheese pop-tart from Black Jet Baking or some Mexican-hot-chocolate biscotti from Saint & Olive.

And when lunch, brunch and dinner (and a liquor license) finally arrive, expect anything from cheese plates to pot pies to California beers from Stone and Bear Republic. And yes, the owner’s vinyl and eight-track collection will be in full swing the whole time.

Fingers crossed for some kind of Grand Funk Railroad scenario.


Mission Public
233 14th St
(at Natoma)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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