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A Little Date Spot from a Blue Plate Alum

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Thirty seconds ago, if we told you you’d be eating fried chicken in an old video store tonight, you’d be like, “No, I won’t.”

But you will.

You’ll be eating exactly that exactly there.

Be kind and rewind yourself to Aliment, a cozy little shrine to all things comfort food and comfort alcohol, now open on Bush.

Yes, what once was Video Zone is now a bi-level restaurant with a big open kitchen, high ceilings and a handful of upholstered booths lining the walls.

Which is quite the upgrade. Which is why you should seriously consider staging a third-date situation there tonight. Have a seat. Look at your server in that “I’d like a glass of vermentino and some Churchpoint oysters” way. Then look at your date in that “I just took control and you love that” way.

From there, it’ll go as dates go. Bottle of cava. Maybe some sherry. Passing bites of braised short rib and smoked potato gnocchi across the table. There’s a Blue Plate alum back in the kitchen, so that should help make things taste delicious.

Oh, and come back for weekend brunch. They’ll have fried-chicken-and-waffle balls.

You should probably have them, too.

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