Pleasant House Three Oaks


Beer and British Pies in Michigan

None All this royal baby talk...

Really makes you hungry for some good British pub food and a nice pint. Maybe it’s time for a trip.

Well, Harbor Country it is, then.

Welcome to Pleasant House Three Oaks, the just-opened Michigan outpost of the Bridgeport purveyor of savory British pies.

You’re of course familiar with the original location. Their work in the field of the Royal Pie is legendary. Their perfectly flaky little pouches filled with warm deliciousness are your go-to when the urge for a steak-and-ale pie hits you.

In Michigan, they’ve created a homey little homage to the country inn. Antique chairs, plenty of wood, and most importantly, they’re making their own beer. They’ll have an Extra Special Bitter, plus three more, which will rotate regularly.

So picture it. It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and you want to get out of this crazy town. You’ll drive the 75 miles to Three Oaks. Stop in for a mushroom-and-kale pie, maybe a Scotch egg and a pint. Then be on your way.

And send Pippa a drink if you see her.


Pleasant House Three Oaks
9 N Elm St
Three Oaks, MI, 49128

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